Trucking Companies That Hire Felons

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Trucking Companies That Hire Felons

There Are Many Trucking Companies That Hire Felons
One of the biggest go to jobs for felons is Trucking. It is something that most felons can do as long as sufficient time has passed since your conviction date. If you are a felon who has spent quite a few years behind bars you may be in luck. Most of these companies will not ask how long you have been out of prison for, however you will have to explain your lack of employment.
Applying For A Job
Trucking companies are required to do a background check on all applicants. This background check will go deep into your past and will pull up your driving record. Do not try to hide anything, this can disqualify you for the position. Just make sure you are as honest as possible. If you have any felony traffic violations or drug trafficking violations you may be disqualified.
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Tow Truck Driver Jobs – Many towing companies are small owner-operated outfits, and do not perform background checks. In fact, they would prefer someone with “experience” in dealing with unpleasant situations. You do need a CDL class A to drive a tow truck.
Lyft Jobs for Felons – can felons get ride-sharing jobs at Lyft (and possibly Uber) … Hint – yes with limitations!

Getting CDL License
While many truck companies provide on the job training, it’s recommended to have a CDL license when you apply. Having a license makes you much more valuable to the company, especially in light of you felony conviction.
Since there is a serious shortage of truck drivers in US, you can still find work, even without CDL, but will be paid less. So – if you can, go get a Truck Driver’s training from an approved school in your state, and start applying for CDL.
Here are two courses on how to become a trucker (Getting CDL, Finding Jobs, Choosing the Right company to work for, Trucker-Family advice, etc)

Trucking Success 101 – taught by Hervy Christmas, a Truck Driver of 13 years and Career / Life Coach.
Jump Start Trucking – taught by James Davis, who drove trucks over 1,000,000 without single preventable accident!

How Much Trucking Jobs Pay

Truck driving jobs pay different depending on you CDL license class, experience, type of driving you do and cargo that you carry, company you work for and where you live (local trucking jobs).
There are basically two types of pay structures – Local and OTR (over the road):

OTR means long hauls, cross many states .. you get the picture – you go on the trip for 2-3 weeks at a time.
Local is self explanatory – you come home every night. Good example of local trucking jobs is driving for UPS or FedEx

OTR jobs pay per mile – anywhere from $0.40 to $0.60 … sometimes a little less – sometimes a little more. Average around $0.45-0.50 per mile. Most OTR trucker put in 2500 mile per week – do the math. This is if you work for a company, and not a s owner-operator or OO (meaning you have your own truck). Owner-Operator truckers make a lot more per mile, but often EARN LESS, after all the costs (fuel, maintenance, insurance/bonding, other overheads).
Local jobs pay per hour – typical hourly rates in US are between $12 and $29 per hour. Huge difference there, but the average is around $19/hr (50th percentile so to say).
As a felon without experience, you can start at around $12-14/hr locally or $0.38-0.40 per mile OTR.
Here is more info on local and OTR pay for truckers.
List Of Trucking Companies That Hire Felons
Most of these companies require little to no experience and some are even willing to pay for your training cost. If you would like to contact any of them you may click on their link and it will take your directly to their website.
Trucking companies that hire felons with convictions that are 10 years old or more:

Swift Transportation (offers driver training)
J.B. Hunt
Shaffer Trucking
TMC Transport
Crete Carrier
Dick Lavy Trucking
CR England
Celadon (offers truck driver training)
Dutch Maid Logistics
Hunt Transportation (12 months experience required)
JBS Carriers (12 months experience required)

Trucking companies that hire felons with convictions that are 7 years old or more:

Roehl Transport (offers truck driver training)
Melton Truck Lines
Stevens Transport
PGT Trucking
Falcon Transport (6 months experience required)
Knight Transportation
Tango Transport
Barr-Nunn Transportation (12 months experience required)
Groendyke Transport (TX, OK, LA Only)
Interstate Distributor Co.

Trucking companies that hire felons with convictions that are 5 years old or more:

Boyd Brothers
Western express
Transway Inc.
TransAm Trucking
Paschall Truck Lines
Carolina Cargo
DeBoer Trucking Company
Florilli Transportation (12 months experience required)

Trucking companies that hire felons on a case by case basis:

Werner Enterprises
Navajo Express (No felonies in past 10 years)
Millis Transfer (offers truck driver training)
Conway (XPO) – (Local and OTR – some jobs don’t require BG check)
FFE (offers training)
Carolina Cargo
Schneider National (offers truck driver training)
E.W Wylie
Prime Inc. (offers truck driver training)
USA Truck (offers truck driver training)
Maverick Transportation
US Express
Tyson Foods (offers truck driver training)
Covenant Transport
Cardinal Logistics
Freymiller (6 months experience required)
Hirschbach (6 months experience required)
J & R Schugel
LCT Transportation

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