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Looking for Jobs that Hire Felons? One of the many concerns of a felon is “where do I apply?” Well there is a very easy to understand short answer for this one. EVERYWHERE! You absolutely have to apply at every single place you can. It does not matter if its shoveling cow waste for a living. Any job is better at this point in time. Just remember that getting a new job while you have a job is much easier.

Most of the time felons complain about not having any skill sets. The reality is this, flipping burgers at McDonald’s does not require a skill set. Neither does becoming a manager at McDonald’s either. There are many felons who have took these seemingly low paying jobs and turned them into something great. There is no reason why you can’t do the same.

While you are on you search you need to write down where and when you applied to those places. By doing this you will be able to contact those said places in a timely manner. This will also let you record the outcomes of each place and will help you better understand what works and what does not in the future.


  • A state id or driver’s license
  • Your birth certificate
  • Your Social Security Card

Bringing these things with you on your job search will help you out a lot if they want to give you an interview right there on the spot. Most people don’t realize this, but employers who think you are already prepared to work will most likely hire you before the next guy. If they need you that day and you have all the necessary information you can start right then! That has happened to countless felons. Just imagine if you were walking around filling out applications and that opportunity knocks on your door and you can’t answer it because you weren’t prepared. So be prepared and if that happens you will be ready.