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Presenting Yourself For A Job Interview

The trick is to present yourself as a mature, honest, and hardworking adult. Handfuls of felons have pulled this trick off and the majority of them dressed as conservative as possible. Dressing this way is half of the reason why some felons get jobs and others do not. While you are waiting for your interview, you are going to want to set yourself apart from your competitors. You have to be the best dressed and well mannered person in the room. These impressions can make or break you in your interview.

Deciding On The Clothes To Wear

What should be worn to all interviews, not matter where or who they are with, is a very conservative outfit. what seems to be the best choice is a simple solid color button up shirt tucked into a pair of nice fitting, dark denim blue jeans. Just makes sure the jeans are not ripped or pre-faded. You should focus heavily on the fit of your clothes. To loose or baggy says you may be a bit lazy. To tight or small may also say something as well. Do not wear anything too baggy or too tight. Unless you have a muscular body, do not wear tight fitting clothes. You want to look dressed up and not casual or overly sexual.

Keeping Your Face Looking Nice

Getting your hair cut and trimming your beard can go a very long way. These things say, “I take pride in my appearance and this also means I will take pride in the appearance of the company that I work for.” If you are one of those people who just refuse to cut your long hair, at least put it in a pony tail. Or you won’t shave your beard, trim it up, comb it, or whatever you have to do to make it look groomed and clean. You are trying to make your employer think you not only care about the job but you also care about yourself. Coming in looking like you just came out of the dumpster will make them think you do not care about the job and are just doing it to satisfy your parole officer.

Keep Your Breath Smelling Nice

Nothing is more offensive during an interview then a person with bad breath. If the employer is giving you and opportunity to speak your mind and all they can do is try to not throw up while you talk, you better believe you will not get the job. So do yourself a favor and use some mouthwash.

Smelling Good

So you just took a shower, brushed your teeth, and put on some nice clothes. So what’s next? Get just a little bit of after shave or cologne. Let them enjoy the smell while you are talking to them. Just don’t use to much. It might offend them.