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What Are the College Degrees For Felons?

There are not to many degrees that a felon can’t get. However you should be asking yourself the question “who will hire me?” You should first rule out the medical field and psychological field as well. You will not get a job in those fields. With of course the exception of substance abuse consoler.

How do you know which college degree is right for you?

You have to start looking at things from an employers point of view. Did you steal money? If so you can’t do accounting. Did you drink an drive and kill someone? Well you have to factor in if you degree will require someone who needs to drive people around with you once in a while. The main thing to remember is that you want to become a behind the scenes guy. Companies will want to hide you from customers and have you work away from them. Especially if you have a violent history.

The engineering field is very promising for felons. You can eventually work in a factory programming and building robots instead of operating them, making a decent income. These jobs are currently in very high demand, and the more you learn, the more companies will want you to work for them.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you can get a degree if you wish. This degree will help you get further in life. Just make sure you have a plan and possibly even ask companies what degrees would suit future positions at their companies.