Bail Bond Application, Roswell, GA

When you need assistance after an arrest, the first step is filling out our bail bond application.

If you or a loved one has been arrested, it’s important to know the available options. In many cases, arrested persons qualify for bail, which allows for the individual to pay a set sum of money to be released from jail. They can leave on the condition that they return to court when required to appear in regard to their case. However, people who are arrested don’t always have the cash to post their own bail. This is where a bail bond company comes in. At Alpha Bonding, we work with people located in and around Roswell, Georgia to provide dependable bail bond services.

Bail Bond Application in Roswell, Georgia

When you need assistance after an arrest, the first step is filling out our bail bond application. This application includes the information we need to be able to assume responsibility for you and your legal situation to pay a portion of your bail amount. Some of the key pieces of data to include on the bail bond application include:

  • Personal references: This section includes the contact information of people who know the inmate well and can get ahold of them.
  • Credit check: The person filling out the application (whether for themselves or for a loved one) will have to undergo a credit check, which often requires bank account information and a Social Security Number.
  • Indemnitor: This is another term for co-signer, which refers to the person filling out the request for a bail bond (if not the inmate themselves). An indemnitor may have to provide personal details, including their name, address, and driver’s license number.
  • Collateral: In cases with large bail amounts, the applicant may have to put up collateral, such as a vehicle, a home, or a valuable piece of jewelry.

When filling out a bail bond application, make sure to include accurate and honest information. Contact us to get started.

At Alpha Bonding, we offer bail bond applications in Fulton County, Alpharetta, Atlanta, Chattahoochee Hills, College Park, East Point, Fairburn, Hapeville, Johns Creek, Milton, Mountain Park, Palmetto, Roswell, Sandy Springs, South Fulton, and Union City, Georgia.