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Do you have a loved one currently in need of bail bond assistance in Monroe County? Alpha Bonding is here to help you with all of your bail bond needs in Forsyth.


It can be very difficult to find a trustworthy bonds company. Unfortunately, there are too many bondsmen who are in this business for the money regardless of if they can help you or not. There are all kinds of people out there who prey on families when they are experiencing their most trying times.


Fortunately, our team at Alpha Bonding is made up of experienced professionals who truly care about your individual situation. Our trusted team will be with you every step of the way to answer any questions you might have and make the process run as smoothly as possible. From working with courts to access bail bonds, all the way to the aftermath of the process, Alpha Bonding is a shoulder you can lean on.


Setting Bail in Forsyth


It is more common than people realize for a loved one to wind up in some trouble, especially in a metropolitan area like Forsyth. They might have started hanging out with the wrong people or simply wound up in a bad situation. No matter what, there will always be legal consequences.


Upon any arrest in Monroe County, the person will need to be processed at the county jail. Your family member could be stuck waiting in their cell until a court hearing – unless, a judge sets bail in exchange for their short-term release.


Bails can sometimes be set at ridiculously high prices that you could never pay off on your own. If this happens, you will be faced with having to do whatever is necessary to bail your loved one out. This is where purchasing bail bonds is helpful.


Forsyth Bail Bonds Service


If you know someone in Forsyth who has been charged with a crime, then you will start to hear the words “bond” and “bail” a lot. Put simply, bail is a specified amount of money determined by a judge. If paid, it will temporarily release that defendant. However, these bail amounts can oftentimes be too expensive for someone to drop immediately. That’s where our team comes in.


If you have a loved one who is charged with a crime, contact Alpha Bonding immediately. We will be able to work out an agreement regarding their bail and post a bond, temporarily freeing your loved one from detention. In order to ensure that everyone is abiding by the law, collateral will be collected.


Alpha Bonding Cares


Many bondsmen would collect their collateral and be done with their client after the defendant appears in court, but our team will do whatever it takes to help you out. If your family member is sentenced, we can provide you with plenty of resources to help them once they are released, such as contacts for finding a job as a felon.


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Forsyth courts are difficult and tiring to work with, and every minute counts. Contact us today so that we can help your loved one ASAP!Forsyth Bail Bonds