Douglas County bondsman

Setting Bail in Douglas County


Do you know someone who has found themselves in police custody in Atlanta? Until they go to court, they could be stuck sitting in a cell at the Douglas County Jail. In exchange for their temporary release, a judge will set bail based on the severity of the crime.


Sometimes the amount of bail can be astronomical, making it impossible to pay on your own.  This could be the point where desperation sinks in making you consider any options for helping your friend or family member, with a bail bond being the easiest way to help.


Our team at Alpha Bonding are the reliable choice for residents of Douglas County. In addition to helping secure the temporary release of your loved one while they are awaiting court, we also hold them responsible for attending all court dates and aid them with moving forward in life if they happen to become a convicted felon.


Bail Bond Service in Douglas County


If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime in Douglas County, then you will most likely know the words bond and bail. Judges set bail, which is the amount of money needed so a defendant stays free while awaiting court. Often bail will be small enough to be paid out of pocket. With more serious charges though, the sum can be too much to pay on your own.


This is where Alpha Bonding comes in. The courts use bail bondsmen as a way to guarantee defendants appear in court by holding the family member who paid the bond accountable. If your loved one has been charged with a crime in Douglas County, then you should contact us right away.


If we are able to agree on the terms of your family member’s bail, then we will post the bond. This frees them until sentencing. The defendant or co-signer for the bond will have to provide collateral to ensure everyone will comply with the laws. If you cosign for a bond, you can lose the collateral if the defendant never makes it to court. This is why we require defendants to regularly check in with us until they appear in court.


Alpha Bonding Cares


Typically, bondsmen collect their fee and any relationship with the client ends once they appear in court. At Alpha Bonding however, we go the extra mile.


We understand the difficulties convicted felons face, which is why we provide several resources aimed at helping them. This even includes a section of our website devoted to enabling former inmates the chance to find fulfilling employment or pursue education and even get a degree.


Contact Apha Bonding Immediately


Dealing with the courts can be tricky. Since legal issues are time sensitive, you should contact our professional bondsmen as soon as possible.


Don’t put off your best chance for help. If you need a bondsman call us today at (404) 523-2352. Our team at Alpha Bonding is here to help you during difficult times.