DeKalb County quick bail Bonding

DeKalb County Bail Bonding


Given all we’ve seen over the years, it is near impossible for anyone to argue that the system of imprisonment in this country is without drastic flaws. With only a small percentage of the overall world population, the United States still leads in the number of incarcerated citizens. As one of the most powerful countries on the globe, that’s a big disparity that needs serious time and energy to address and adjust.


But in the meantime, it is paramount that we all do what we can to take care of US citizens who run into issues with the law and wind up in jail. Whether the crime was committed by the individual facing punishment or not, we here at Alpha Bonding believe that having DeKalb County residents behind bars helps no one.


To assist in the process of getting these often misunderstood folks out of jail and back with their families, the team at Alpha Bonding is dedicated to ethically assisting the incarcerated by providing bonding services to DeKalb communities.


The Process of Bail


Often times, a court date is not assigned for weeks or even months after an individual is placed under arrest. What that means is that instead of contributing to the household, workplace, and community, these accused people are locked up where they can do very little good for anyone. The waiting game can often be just as, if not more, damaging than the actual sentence.


But bail provides a small beacon of hope. Judges often set bail bonds at extraordinary rates that are nearly impossible for the average family to meet on their own. But with the assistance of Alpha Bonding, there is hope. Our mission is to ensure that your loved one can be released from jail to live normally until the court date arrives. We believe that this is our duty to serve not only the individuals left in jail, but DeKalb County and our society as a whole.


Alpha Bonding Cares


If you are in need of bond services, contact Alpha Bonding immediately to begin the process of getting your loved one out from behind bars. We treat all our clients with respect and give every individual the benefit of the doubt.


We do have a collateral system in place to ensure that the accused individual doesn’t flee while they are out on bail. However, this system only exists so that our company can remain in operation and help more citizens when they are in need. Any and all collateral money is returned once the hearing is complete.


In addition to our bonding assistance, we provide resources to folks who need help finding a job or enrolling in educational programs when they are finally released from jail or finish their sentence. At Alpha Bonding, we believe that our societal chain is only as strong as our weakest link. Therefore, we strive to empower and lift up those in our community who need it most when times get tough.


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If you or someone you know is in need of bail bonding services in the DeKalb area, contact Alpha Bonding – let’s seek justice together.


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