Do you currently have a family member in need of a bail bond in Atlanta? Alpha Bonding is ready to assist with bail bonds in Cobb County.


It’s easy to find bondsmen who are in the business for all the wrong reasons. Unfortunately, there are people out there who make money by preying off of families during their most vulnerable moments. We can guarantee that our trustworthy professionals are the farthest thing from that. Not only do we work with the counts to make the bail bond process as painless as possible, but we also are involved with the aftermath.



Setting Bail in Cobb County


In a large metropolitan city like Atlanta, it can be easy for a loved one to find themselves in trouble. Maybe they were in the wrong place at the wrong time or got mixed up with the wrong crowd. Regardless, there are legal consequences. Until a court hearing, your family member could find themselves sitting in a cell at the Cobb County Adult Detention Center. Depending on the charges, a bail will be set by a judge in exchange for their temporary release.


Sometimes these bails can reach astronomical prices, and it’s impossible to pay on your own. At this point, you might feel desperate, wanting to do whatever it takes to help. This is where getting a bail bond comes in.


We at Alpha Bonding are a reliable choice for the residents of Cobb County. We will not only secure your loved one’s temporary freedom while awaiting trial, but also hold them accountable for attending court and aid them in life if they become a convicted felon. We genuinely care about you and your family’s wellbeing. Contact us immediately and let us help before it’s too late.


Cobb County Bail Bonds Service


If you have a loved one who’s recently been charged with a crime in Cobb County, then you’ve more than likely heard of the words bail and bond. A bail is an amount of money set by a judge that if paid, temporarily releases a defendant. Sometime these amounts are small enough that you can pay out of pocket for your family member. However, a lot of the time, it’s just too much money to pay on your own. That’s where Alpha Bonding comes in.


Bonds are a form of money. They’re a way for courts to guarantee defendants will return for their hearings and family members will hold them accountable. But how do you get one?


Once your loved one is charged of a crime in Cobb County, you can contact us immediately. If we come to an agreement about the terms of your loved one’s bail, we will post a bond. This will temporarily free your loved one from being held in detention.


To ensure that everyone complies with the law, collateral will be taken from either you the co-signer or the defendant. If you co-sign a bond, this means your collateral may be kept in the instance that your loved one flees and is unable to be located. The defendant must continuously check in with us until their court appearance. When their case finally closes, the bail bond will dissolve, and your collateral will be returned.


Alpha Bonding Cares


Most bondsmen would simply collect their $200 and pass go after a client appears in court. However, at Alpha Bonding, we go the extra mile. If your loved one is sentenced, our business has multiple resources for felons once they’ve been released from prison. Felons often have troubles finding jobs, but we’ve created an entire section of our website dedicated to helping former inmates find happy and fulfilling employment. We also have materials for those who are seeking a degree. All in all, while we are an Atlanta based bail bond service, we also do more than just that.


Get in Touch ASAP


Dealing with courts is a tricky and draining practice. Time is of the essence. The sooner you contact our professional bondsmen, the faster we can help you and your loved one. Don’t hesitate and lose your one chance to help. To reach us, call us at (404) 523-2352, or email us at