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As a trusted provider of bail bonds since 1992, we’re the company to trust when you need help fast.

The legal process in the United States often allows for arrested people to leave law enforcement custody until they’re due back in court. The process of leaving jail after an arrest is known as bailing out, and it generally requires the payment of a fee. The amount required to post bail is based on the flight risk of the person charged with a crime and the severity of the charges being brought against them. But many people don’t have the funds needed to bail out of jail. A bail bond is similar to an insurance policy that is issued by a bail bond agency. The agency puts up a portion of the bail fee, allowing the charged individual to leave jail, in exchange for a guarantee that the individual will show up in court on the assigned date.

Bail Bonds in East Point, Georgia

This type of bond is known as a surety bond and may require the payment of about 10% of the total amount required for bail. The person applying for the bond has to put something up as collateral, such as cash, jewelry, the deed to a house or car, or another valuable item. They must also provide contact information for the arrested individual and their contacts to ensure that the bail bond agency can get ahold of them when the time comes to appear in court.

If you or one of your loved ones needs a bail bond, contact us at Alpha Bonding. We’re conveniently located for those in the East Point, Georgia area and process bail bonds quickly and efficiently. As a trusted provider of bail bonds since 1992, we’re the company to trust when you need help fast.

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