What to Expect When You Call a Bail Bond Agency

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If something has happened to a friend or loved one and they have ended up in jail, you might be the first person they think of to call. “Can you post my bail?” they ask. Even if you are willing to help them get out of jail, you may not know exactly what to do to help. That’s where calling a bail bond agency comes into play.

What to Expect When You Call a Bail Bond Agency

What Does a Bail Bond Agency Do?

A bail bond agency helps people use a bail bond to allow the release of someone from jail with the understanding that the person will show up for their court date as directed.

What Does a Bail Bond Agency Need from Me?

When you call a bail bond agency to ask about helping your friend or loved one in jail, they will need to know the amount of bail required as well as any collateral you can provide to secure their bond. A bail bond agency will take several different types of collateral, the first typically being cash. Other forms of collateral might be real estate you own, savings, certificates of deposits, or stocks you hold. In the event that you have trouble providing enough collateral to cover the entire bail amount, many bail bond agencies will provide a payment agreement that allows you to cover the remainder of the bail amount in installment payments.

What Happens After Court?

After your friend or loved one attends their court date, the collateral that you provided to post bail will be returned to you, minus the fee the bail bond agency sets. You can also continue to make payments to complete your payment agreement with the bail bond agency.

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