What to Do When You Need Help Getting Out of Jail

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If you find yourself in jail for any reason, you will quickly discover that it is not a pleasant place to be. You may not know what to do next to get out of your current situation either, but there is a way, and if you are like most people, you may need some help getting out of jail. This help may take the form of a friend or family member who pays your bail, or it may be a bail bondsperson who helps you get out. Regardless, you won’t have to stay in a cell until your court date.

What to Do When You Need Help Getting Out of Jail

Once you have been arrested and put in jail, you can get released by paying the bail that has been set by the court. If you can’t pay it yourself and you need help getting out of jail, you will probably need to contact someone close to you like a friend or relative. They can either pay the amount or get you in touch with a bail bond agency.

If you cannot afford to pay your own bail and no one close to you is able or willing to do so, a bail bond agency will pay it for you on the condition that you show up on your court date. They will charge you a fee that is a percentage of your bail. This fee will not be returned to you, but it is probably a more desirable outcome than being stuck in jail for a long time. When you apply for a bail bond, you will also need to provide collateral in case you fail to show up to your court date.

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