What is a Bail Bond Agency?

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When someone is arrested and taken to jail, the courts set a date for their trial, which is usually several weeks or sometimes months away. A judge will then set a bail price for their release—if the person can pay bail, they can be released to await their trial at home, but if they can’t pay, then they have to remain in jail until the court date.

What is a Bail Bond Agency?

Being in jail is an unpleasant and often traumatic experience, so it’s natural to want to get out as fast as possible, but unfortunately, some people aren’t able to come up with the money to pay bail. If you have a loved one in jail and aren’t able to pay the full amount, you can turn to a bail bond agency like ours at Alpha Bonding for help. Keep reading to learn what a bail bond agency is and how it works.

The purpose of bail is to prevent those arrested for crimes from trying to flee town before their trial—if the judge believes the accused is likely to run, they will set the bond at a higher price. A bail bond agency works with the courts to provide additional surety, in other words, giving the court more reassurance that the person will appear for their trial.

Our team charges you a much lower fee—typically a small percentage of the total bail price—and gives the judge our guarantee that the person will show up for their court date. You or your loved one will be released from jail until their trial date, and the team at our bail bond agency will stay in touch and make sure you attend the trial as agreed.