How to Apply for a Bond

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If you’ve watched any legal show, then you have most likely heard some variation of the phrase “Bail is set at $10,000.” In the show, just as in real life, the specific amount will vary depending on the specific charges and other factors, such as whether the judge considers the defendant a flight risk– the more serious the crime or the more likely the accused is to flee, the higher the bail.

How to Apply for a Bond

While for many people this concept is nothing more than a detail used to add realism to legal dramas, if you or a loved one has been booked into jail, then bail becomes very serious indeed. If you can’t afford to pay bail, you can still get yourself or your loved one released by applying for a bond with a company like ours at Alpha Bonds.

The process of applying for a bond is relatively straightforward once you reach out to our experts, but you will need to get some important information together in order to tell the courts everything they need to know. The information you will need consists of:

  • Details of the Arrest- In order to apply for a bond, you will need to supply your full name, the name of the jail you are in, the booking or report number, and the charges that are levelled against you. If you are applying on behalf of a loved one, then you will need to provide all of that information for them, as well as your own contact information.
  • References- When you apply for a bond, you are essentially asking the courts to let a third party pay a portion of your bail in exchange for surrendering yourself to their responsibility–meaning that if you don’t show up in court, the bonds company will track you down and bring you back. Because of this, you will also need to supply contact information for at least a few people who know you well and could get in touch with you if necessary.
  • Financial Details- Lastly, in order to apply for a bond, the person filling out the application will need to undergo a credit check and will have to supply their bank information and Social Security number for that purpose.