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If you are looking up information on bail bonds, then the odds are more than good that you or a loved one is in crisis. Being arrested and sent to jail, or having that happen to a loved one, is an intensely stressful experience, and if you don’t know anything about bail, bail bonds, or the bail bond application process, that stress will only get worse because you won’t know what to expect.

How the Bail Bond Application Process Works

To help alleviate at least some of the stress you are under, our team at Alpha Bonds is here to explain how bail bonds work and go over the bail bond application process so that you know what to do next.

What are Bail Bonds?

When someone is arrested and booked into jail, a date will be set for their trial, and the price of their bail will be set. If the person can pay bail, they will be released from jail, rather than having to remain there until their trial date. In situations where the person can’t afford to pay bail themselves, bail bond companies like ours can provide a solution. Agencies like ours are licensed by the state, and we take on the responsibility of making sure that the person appears in court for their trial. We can get people out of jail for a lower fee, with the understanding that we will go after anyone who tries to flee.

How the Bail Bond Application Process Works

How Bail Bond Application Works

To apply for a bail bond, you will need to fill out the proper forms, which will ask you for important personal information. The purpose of the application paperwork is to persuade the courts to allow our team to assume responsibility for you, so all of the information it asks for is stuff that would allow us to find you if we had to. You will generally be asked to provide the following details:

  • Personal References – This refers to names and contact details of people who know you well and would be able to get ahold of you.
  • Credit History – You’ll also need to agree to a credit check and supply your bank account information and Social Security number.
  • Indemnitor – If you are filling out the application on behalf of someone else, you are what’s known as an indemnitor and will need to provide your own contact information as well as that of the arrested person.
  • Collateral – In cases where the bail price was set high, you may be asked to put up collateral, such as a vehicle or home.