How Does a Surety Bail Bond Work?

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If you have been asked to post bail by someone you know who is in jail, you may be wondering what to do if you cannot afford the entire amount that is required to have them released. While you can certainly post a bond for someone using cash or cash and collateral, sometimes a surety bail bond makes more sense for your situation.

How Does a Surety Bail Bond Work?

Cash Bond

A cash bond is simply a bond that is paid in full, upfront with cash, without any strings attached. Many bail bond agencies will also offer payment plan options for people who want to pay for a bail bond in installments.

Surety Bail Bond

A surety bail bond is different from a cash bond in that the defendant pays a portion of the bond to a bail agent, and the agent will cover the remaining balance of the bond on the condition that the defendant upholds their commitment to attend their court date. Usually, to provide accountability, the remaining balance of the bond requires collateral, such as real estate, jewelry, or real property. In the event that the defendant does not attend their court date, the bail agent keeps the initial deposit and will use the collateral to pay the court the remaining balance due.

While this may seem like a complicated process, the good news is that you have options when you want to help your friend or relative make bail. At Alpha Bonding, we can help you determine the best solution when paying for bail and can walk you through the options with a surety bail bond as needed. Contact us today to learn more about our services.