How Do You Apply for a Bond?

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If you or a loved one got arrested, you may want to use a bail bond to get out of jail. At this point, you need to apply for a bond and work with us at Alpha Bonding. Here’s what the process looks like when you apply for a bond:

  • Start by giving us a call and letting us know you’re in jail and need a bail bond. We’ll inform you of our terms of service and provide you with the paperwork you need to fill out.

How Do You Apply for a Bond?

  • When you apply for a bond, you will need to fill out our application completely. Your application will ask for things like your name, the date you were arrested, why you were arrested, and how much your bail amount is.
  • As part of the application process, we will need to know when your court date is and where you will need to appear before a judge. This will make sure we post the surety bond at the right court location.
  • Your application will also include an agreement that requires you to pay a small percentage of the bail fee and agree to go to court on your specified day. If you fail to show up, we reserve the right to track you down.

We make applying for a bail bond a quick and easy process, so you can get out of jail fast. To apply for a bond or to learn more about our surety bail bonding process, get in touch with us today.