High-paying Felon-friendly Jobs in Georgia

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Georgia offers various high-paying, felon-friendly jobs that allow you to rebuild your life and achieve financial stability.

High-paying Felon-friendly Jobs in Georgia

Below is a list of some industries that are more aware of the value of second chances and the potential for personal growth.

  • Skilled Trades. Skilled trades are often an excellent option for individuals with a criminal record. Jobs in construction, welding, and HVAC repair typically offer competitive wages and do not require a clean background check. To enter these job fields, you may need a trade school program, apprenticeship, or on-the-job training. With the demand for skilled tradespeople rising in Georgia, these careers offer stability and financial rewards.
  • Truck Driving. Truck driving is another high-paying job opportunity for felons in Georgia. Trucking companies will hire long-haul truckers with a criminal record, depending on the offense type and duration. Truck drivers must have a Commercial Driver’s License.
  • Manufacturing and Warehouse Positions. The manufacturing and warehousing industries provide numerous high-paying, felon-friendly jobs. Positions such as machine operators, forklift drivers, and production supervisors often pay well and do not require a clean background check.
  • Sales and Customer Service. While some sales positions may require background checks, many companies in Georgia are willing to hire felons for sales and customer service roles. These positions often offer competitive wages, particularly in automotive, real estate, or telecommunications fields. A successful career in sales relies on excellent communication skills, determination, and a customer-focused attitude.
  • Entrepreneurship. Why not work for the best boss out there: yourself? Georgia offers various resources and support for entrepreneurs, including small business development centers and financial assistance programs. Whether you want to open a restaurant, start a landscaping company, or launch an online store, you can create your success.

It’s essential to remain persistent and open to learning new skills and leverage available resources and support networks. At Alpha Bonding, we know  a lot about felon-friendly jobs and have programs to help former criminals find employment. Contact us today to learn more about our services.