Four Tips for Getting Felon-Friendly Jobs

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Getting back into the workforce after being convicted of a felony is no easy task. With all the background checks and conviction-related interview questions you anticipate, you may be worried that you don’t have a good chance of getting a job to support yourself.

Four Tips for Getting Felon-Friendly Jobs

Although finding felon-friendly jobs is difficult in many cases, it’s not impossible, and there are several things you can do to increase your chances. Here are four tips for getting felon-friendly jobs:

  1. Buy some nice interview clothes. Focus on making a good impression by wearing professional clothing. Wearing appropriate attire sends the message that you take yourself seriously and you will take the job at hand seriously if you are chosen.
  2. Edit your resume. Employers’ first impressions of you come from your resume, so make sure you are impressive on paper as well as in person. Double-check your resume for errors. While you’re at it, have someone else check it too before you submit it. Otherwise, an employer might discard it before they even take a good look.
  3. Practice explaining your past. Even employers who offer felon-friendly jobs may have questions about the nature of any crimes you have committed, so practice explaining your story transparently.
  4. Get help from a staffing agency for felons. A well-connected staffing agency can provide you with felon-friendly job opportunities that you might not come across otherwise.

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