Five Well-Known Companies That Offer Jobs for Felons

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Job searching is hard enough already, but it becomes more difficult when you are an ex-felon. Because many employers do background checks and ask about whether you have a criminal past, applying or interviewing for a job can often feel fruitless. As discouraging as it can be to find jobs for felons, there are more opportunities out there than you may be aware of.

Five Well-Known Companies That Offer Jobs for Felons

Every person deserves to support themselves and be given a second chance, and lots of employers understand that. While you can often find jobs for felons locally, you can also find some with companies that are found everywhere. Here are five well-known companies that offer jobs for felons that you might consider during your job hunt:

  1. Walmart- Walmart can provide a good, stable job for ex-felons. Their application does not ask any questions about convictions, which is good news. However, they do conduct background checks, so once you get asked to interview, be honest about your record. Practice explaining your felony clearly and emphasize the good things you have done since then.
  2. Amazon- Amazon often has many job openings, and being an ex-felon won’t disqualify you from getting hired there. If you have the skills they are looking for, working in a warehouse or driving trucks could be a good option.
  3. Starbucks- Starbucks can be a great option for felons. Although they do background checks, they signed the White House Fair Chance Business Pledge in 2016, so they are committed to fair hiring practices.
  4. Ben & Jerry’s- This ice cream company is famous for employing ex-convicts and helping them have a fair shot in the workforce. They also pay a fair wage.
  5. Tyson Foods- Like Walmart, Tyson Foods doesn’t include any questions about past convictions on their job applications, so there’s a good chance you can find jobs for felons there.

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