Finding Jobs for Felons: Where to Turn

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If you have committed a crime and completed your sentence, you may feel out of place when you’re trying to find a job. Will employers want to hire you due to your criminal record? How do you know where to apply for jobs for felons?

Finding Jobs for Felons: Where to Turn

Fortunately, there are some good resources available when it comes to finding jobs for felons, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look. Here are some quick tips to help make the process of finding a job a little bit easier:

  • Connect with an agency that has job placement programs. These agencies can get to know you and your situation, as well as what kind of jobs you may be interested in.
  • Get help building a resume or update one that you already have. If you participated in any work programs or have earned certificates or awards during your time in prison, these can be added to your resume to show potential employers.
  • Invest in interview attire. Feeling good about a job interview often starts with having the right attire, so you are more confident walking through the door.
  • Practice your interview skills to help keep you relaxed during interviews. Your job placement agency should be able to provide interview skills practice opportunities.

At Alpha Bonding, we understand that you want to get your life back to normal as quickly as possible after being released from prison. We are equipped with connections to help find jobs for felons upon their release, so they can become a successful part of society again. If you have questions about this service, reach out today to learn more.