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When you’ve made the decision to inquire about posting bail using a bonding company, you may be wondering what exactly to expect. How do they help you post bail and what happens to the money? Here are some brief frequently asked questions about bonding companies and how they can help you navigate the court system.

FAQ About Bonding Companies

How Do Bonding Companies Accept Payment?

Bonding companies know that different situations require different types of payment options. Many bonding companies offer multiple options for purchasing a bond, including cash, cash and collateral, and financing plans.

What Happens After I Purchase a Bond?

Bonding companies hold any cash and collateral that you have provided until the defendant’s court date. As long as your friend or loved one appears before the court as required, you should see a return of your money and collateral.

What Happens if My Friend/Relative Doesn’t Appear in Court?

A missed court date will result in the loss of your cash and collateral, as bonding companies use this money to pay the court fees.

What Else Should I Know About Bonding Companies?

Bonding companies are generally open 24/7 to help people assist their friends and family members when they are in jail at any given time. You can often call or apply for a bond online to get the process started as soon as you need to.

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