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You wanted to know, does UPS hire felons?

Everyday we get tons of inquiries with the subject in the email. does UPS hire felons? Well instead of responding to all of our loyal fans one by one we have decided that we need to write a post about this topic.

UPS has hired felons recently. Around 6 months ago was the most recent time someone has sent us in a story about being hired at UPS. This is their story.

“Well I ended up applying for a UPS position over the internet. I have a grand theft felony so I thought this would hurt me, but it did not. I was given a very labor intensive position. This part time position was what I needed and after a year I will have full time benefits. The environment is great and is very conducive to personal growth. They know all about my felony so this will never be an issue in the future. I am pretty happy about all of this. I hope this helps someone.”

In the past we have also received a few other accounts of felons who have been hired at UPS. So the answer your question “does UPS hire felons” is yes. It is true that UPS does hire felons.