4 Things to Include on Your Bail Bond Application

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If you get booked in jail, the fastest way to get out is to post bail. But bail can be set high, and you might not have the cash to get out using your own resources. This is where we come in at Alpha Bonding. Contact us as soon as you can after the arrest, fill out our bail bond application, and we will post bail for you through the surety bonding process.

4 Things to Include on Your Bail Bond Application

When you fill out your bail bond application, you will need to give us the following information:

1. Credit history—We will ask for your Social Security number and your bank account information. You must also agree to us conducting a credit check.
2. Collateral—If your bail is set at a high price, we make ask you to put down collateral. Some examples of collateral that works for this process include a car or a home.
3. Personal references—We will ask for the personal information of the people you spend time with the most and who could get ahold of you in the event you do not show up for court.
4. Indemnitor—If you fill out the bail bond application for someone else, you will be referred to as the indemnitor. As the indemnitor, you will need to provide contact information for the person in jail as well as yourself.

The bail bond application process only takes a few minutes to complete, and then we can post bail for you, so you can get out of jail. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.