3 Common Myths We Hear About Bail Bonds

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Most people don’t need to post very many bail bonds in their life, allowing for many myths about bail bonds to circulate. We’ve heard all the common misconceptions about bail bonds here at Alpha Bonding, and we want to dispel some of the most common myths we hear about bonding.

Bail Bonds: What You Need to Know

  1. You must pay us in cash to get a bail bond

Although you certainly can pay us your bond service fee in cash, you don’t have to. We accept approved checks, debt cards, and credit cards. We also accept installment payments if you need to pay your service fee over time. Before posting bail, make sure you ask us what kind of payment arrangement we can make with you.

  1. You’re responsible for paying most of bail yourself

The purpose of working with us is so you only have to pay a small fraction of your total bail amount. When you work with us, you pay the bond fee, which is only a small amount, and then we post bail for you. We will post a surety bond with the court to ensure that once you go before the judge on the specified court date, we get the full amount of bail back.

  1. After you post bail, you can do whatever you want

After you post bail and get out of jail, you do not necessarily have the freedom to do whatever you want. In some cases, you must maintain communication with the court, obey terms a judge set for you to get released from jail, or stay away from certain people or places until you go to trial.