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A surety bail bond allows the bail bond company to pay a portion of the total bail fee.

When someone is arrested, the law may allow them to post bail and leave law enforcement custody until they are due in court. The amount required to post bail depends on the severity of the charges and whether the court determines if the person in custody may try to leave the area to get out of their charges. Bail bond companies exist to help arrested individuals post bail and get out of jail. One type of bail bond available to those who qualify for bail is a surety bail bond. In the case of posting bail, a surety bail bond is the total amount of money needed to ensure that the arrested person attends all the court appearances in which they are required to appear.

Surety Bail Bond in South Fulton, Georgia

A surety bail bond differs from a cash bond in that it allows the bail bond company to pay a portion of the total bail fee, rather than the entire fee in cash. A surety bail bond might require the payment of around 10% of the total bail amount. For example, if the total bail for an arrested person was $25,000, the person providing the surety bond to that individual might pay around $2,500 to get them out of jail. A cash bond requires the payment of the full bail amount in cash before the person can be released.

In most cases when a bond company is used, a surety bail bond is the option taken by the inmate. The bond company that issues the surety bail bond has to make sure the accused attends all court appearances and honors all conditions. At Alpha Bonding, we offer surety bail bonds to those who qualify in the South Fulton, Georgia area. Please contact us today to learn more.

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