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Our surety bail bonds services can help you get out of jail until your court date.

After someone is arrested for a crime, they generally go to jail and wait for their court date. Sometimes, depending on how backed up the court is, it could be a long and unpleasant wait. If the court sets a bail amount, it is generally very high because they want to make sure the accused person actually shows up at court and doesn’t try to flee prior to their court date. Most people can’t access enough cash to post bail on their own, and that is where a surety bail bond comes in.

Surety Bail Bond in Atlanta, Georgia

At Alpha Bonding, we have been providing surety bail bond services since 1992. A surety bail bond is a loan that you can apply to your bail amount. You essentially borrow the cash needed to post your bail. And then, once you attend your required court appearances, we get our fee, and the bond can be dissolved. The fee is generally a previously stated percentage of the total bail amount.

You may be wondering what information you will need to provide to us to apply for a surety bail bond. Generally, we need several references, and we will run a credit check. Depending on individual circumstances, we may require a co-signer and/or collateral as well. There are conditions built into one of our surety bail bonds, like you agreeing to show up to your required court appearances. We are putting our trust in you and providing you a service in return. If you need a surety bail bond in or near Palmetto, Georgia, don’t hesitate to call us now.

At Alpha Bonding, we can help people get a surety bail bond in Fulton County, Alpharetta, Atlanta, Chattahoochee Hills, College Park, East Point, Fairburn, Hapeville, Johns Creek, Milton, Mountain Park, Palmetto, Roswell, Sandy Springs, South Fulton, and Union City, Georgia.